No matter what is your definition of a perfect trip, North Evia is full of wonderful and surprising discoveries. See below some of our suggestions and ask us for even more.

For adventure and extreme sports lovers
Kite surfing and wind surfing at Limni village, scuba diving in Lichadonisia, rappelling and canyoning at Aggali or Boulovinaina canyons: the landscape of northern Evia is full of deep canyons, streams and rivers and exploring it is highly recommended for those looking for an adrenaline rush while on holidays! 

Marine sports
Some of the most beautiful beaches are sited on the peninsula of Lichada, a village located near Agia Anna: Visit Gialtra, Gregolimano and Agios Georgios  where the deep blue meets the ultimate green. Boat trips start from the picturesque bay of Agios Georgios for full day excursions  to Lichadonisia, a small island complex opposite Kammena Vourla.
Visit  the sandy beach of Dafnopotamos or Kymasi with the small creek that leads to the sea, and also the wonderful beaches at  Rovies and Limni.

In the lush forests and high mountains

If you need an escape from the summer heat, you can go hiking in the lush forests and the picturesque villages in the area or take a drive and stop for a picnic!
Agia Anna village, built in an altitude of 300 meters, is a beautiful historical village.
Stop for a coffee or lunch and find the time to visit the folk art museum.
Over Rovies village there is the path to Drymona waterfalls, labeled and equipped with auxiliary ropes and little bridges. It rewards hikers with a beautiful scenery that ends in a pond with a 15 meters waterfall!
If you prefer a more relaxing walk in the nature, drive up to Kirea forest on the banks of the Kireas river. There, you can see an 1500 years old plane, full of stories about elves and fairies!

Fossil forest
Kerasia is situated at an altitude of 600 meters. Visit the fossilized forest and the fossil mammals museum and picture how the area used to be millions of years ago when giraffes, double horned  rhinos, hyenas, prehistoric lions, horses and huge herbivorous mammals lived here!