House Rules

House rules

Setting up your tent

Please set up your tent on the spot indicated by the Reception.
If any change of place is needed, please do not proceed without informing the Reception first. Pitching your tent during quiet hours is not allowed. Parking on pitches for tents is forbidden.

Quiet hours

Please respect quiet hours, which are between 14:30 and 17:00 and between 00:30 and 07:30. Make sure that the volume of your radio or television does not disturb your neighbors. Do not make loud noises with your vehicles while the rest of the holidaymakers are resting. During these hours your children can go on playing and having fun at the playground area. If you wish to continue your amusement after 00:30, you are welcome at the bar or club area.


We do not bear any responsibility for any kind of theft, accident, loss or damage of personal items that may happen, as well as for any damages caused by extreme weather conditions. Club Agia Anna is protected during the night by the security guards in charge.

Drinkable water

You will find water coolers with drinkable water along the length of Club Agia Anna. You can buy bottled water at the mini-market and the bars in the area.


If you wish to have power at your tent spot, please ask the Reception for it. Using power for appliances that do not have ground, as well as big appliances (fridge, kitchenette, electrical grill etc.) is forbidden. The electrician has the right to deny electricity provision for any kind of appliance with unsuitable electrical installment. Only the electrician is authorized to repair any kind of damage. Charging of electric appliances: At the cooking area you will find sockets for this purpose. You can charge your appliances there under your personal supervision.

During your stay

Respect quiet hours, your neighbors and the environment. Do not throw your cigarettes down, we are located in the woods and the smallest negligence could cause severe damage. It is forbidden to light fires outside your tent, your RV and anywhere in Club Agia Anna or at the beach. Use the BBQ areas of Club Agia Anna from 11:00 until 23:00.

Cleanliness and hygiene

During your stay, keep the communal areas and the beach clean. Throw your garbage ONLY in the waste containers. Do not throw papers or other objects in the toilets, it is certain that they will get clogged with the risk of causing a problem to all of us. You can wash your clothes and your utensils in the specially designed spaces for each. Follow the instructions showing the right use of every space. For emptying and cleaning the chemical toilet there is a specially designed place with the indication ‘’CH-USE ONLY FOR WC’’. You are not allowed to wash cars or RVs inside Club Agia Anna. For hygiene reasons and in order to keep the vegetation vivid do not throw dirty water at the trees.

When you are driving your car inside Club Agia Anna do not exceed 10km/per hour. Children get the chance to run, play and enjoy nature, so you should pay extra attention while you maneuver. The gate for the vehicles is closed from 00:30 until 07:30 am. You should at all times have your entrance card placed where it will be visible by the Reception staff when you are entering Club Agia Anna.

Use of the pool

You should abide strictly by the regulations concerning the use of the pool.
• You are not allowed to dive as well as play dangerous games around the pool area.
• Swimming is allowed only during operational hours from 10:00 until 20:00.
• Always take a shower before going into the pool.
• Make sure that the children are always using the kids’ pool.
• Consult the lifeguard for everything else concerning the use of the pool.

Domestic animals

Pets are allowed only in specific locations, designated for tents or in the Yurts up to 11/07/2024 and from 01/09/2024 till the end of the summer season with the following condition:

  • For every domestic animal all the necessary documents are required.
  • All the pets must be permanently tied to this place that has been indicated by the reception.
  • It should not circulate in public areas of facilities such as swimming pools and restaurants. ( Can be released only at the area of the square accomppanied by it's owner with strap.)
  • It should not bark and disturb the other residents.


Check-out time (rooms) is 11:00 p.m.
The time of departure from the tents’, RVs’ or tents on wheels’ spots is 12:00 p.m. Check out from facilities is 12:00 p.m.

Upon departure leave the place clean

Do not forget that after you there is another reservation. Visit the Reception desk in order to take back your identity card or your passport. Please write down your impressions or your observations on the specific form available at the reception.
In case you would like to depart before Reception opens (8:00) please inform the Reception staff the night before and settle anything that might be pending.